Science Takes Five From Cancer Cures, Decides to Make Puppies Glow

April 28, 2009

South Korean scientists have taken the cloning threshold of this world to an entirely new and glowingly adorable level. 

Four of the puppies (all uncreatively named “Ruppy”) look like normal beagle puppies when the lights are on.  However, when the lights go out and the monster under your bed comes a-calling, these puppies shine their brightest. It should be noted that under-bed monster threats are costing the economy nearly twice what cancer and AIDS do.  

The technique used to make the puppies glow is one that has been used on a variety of animals already.  Basically, you insert the gene that fireflies use to make their butts glow into another animal.  The result is that the usually non-glowing animal glows. 

And, in this case, it melts the cute-centers of your brain into rainbow-colored cerebral puddles. 

Source: AP