Electric Drill for Blending Drinks

August 7, 2008


The Boatblender (now more accurately titled the Drillblender) is a genius redneck hack for millionaires.  Got a yacht?*  Don't have room in the galley for a Margarator cause you bought too large a flat screen?  That's okay!  Get a Boatblender and poor 200 tequila into a 59 cent plastic water bottle to be mixed with a power drill.

I'll be honest, though, it's so damn manly it doesn't really matter to me how practical/impractical/silly/anything it is.  I would love to build a bar in the corner of my apartment, then switch bits and make a damn drink to reward myself. Buzzzzzzzzzzzz glugluglug...

*Boatblender retains functionality even if your boat has no engine and is sitting on the ground in an un-cut field of weeds behind your tractor.