Wait...There Was a Plot To Feed Hitler Female Hormones?

August 15, 2011

A lot of people tried to kill Hitler. There were no fewer than twenty-five attempts to put a bullet in his ever-so-deserving skull before he blew his own brains out. But then again, one plot wasn't going to kill him: just bring out his softer side.

Yes, they really were putting together a plan in 1943 to spike Hitler's food with hormones. Keep in mind, they don't have the grasp of hormones that we do now: they'd just found the things. So they were being suggested for all sorts of crazy ideas.

The idea would be that after he ate enough estrogen, Hitler would slowly lose his desire to get into fights and instead cry a lot, watch the German version of Designing Women, and suddenly really like the company of cats. Unfortunately, this plan never came to pass, partially because we started winning World War II, and partially because it just seemed so utterly ridiculous. Or maybe the plan fell into the hands of somebody who'd actually been near a woman, because we're pretty sure whoever came up with this hadn't.

It's too bad this idea went by the boards, though. Imagine the Call of Duty games where instead of shooting the Nazis, you pump them full of birth control pills and then tell them their friends think they're fat. It'd be a different gaming experience, to say the least.

Photo: UniversalImagesGroup/Hulton Archive/Getty Images