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The Top 10 Least Likeable College Basketball Teams

by davidbreitman   March 17, 2010 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 6,043

The buzzer-beating shots, crippling gambling losses, and universal expectation that business meetings are optional during close games makes March Madness the most magical time of the year. Unless, of course, any of these easily hatable teams end up with a “One Shining Moment” montage at the Final Four ceremony.

Photo: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images


10. Arizona Wildcats

Photo: John Spencer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Situated slightly north of the Mexican border and miles away from realistic expectations, the delusional (but wonderfully tanned) fanbase of the Arizona Wildcats refuses to accept that their program has faded into what the college basketball world affectionately calls “the Luke Walton World of Mediocrity” (an area of the country where both Jason Gardner and Miles Simon own huge parcels of real estate).

After Lute Olsen left the program in 2008, the school began a maddening descent into irrelevance headlined by one inane decision after the other. The savvy hiring of Kevin O’Neal (a guy the Toronto Raptors deemed blatantly incompetent after nine months), refusing to make Chase Budinger play basketball with a paper bag over his head to avoid scaring women and small children, and attempting to make athletes take their own mid-term exams are just a few examples why the University of Arizona now ranks somewhere between Oregon State and laundry detergent on the NCAA basketball power rankings. (But seriously, you guys got snubbed by the NIT selection committee. The whole thing is just so political! Best of luck in the CBI, though.)


9. Louisville Cardinals

Photo: Joe Robbins/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Boasting a recycled Kentucky coach who’s two greatest accomplishments in Louisville involve a failed Final Four appearance and successfully convincing his mistress to abort their unborn love child, the Cardinals have shot up the unpopularity poll faster than an asthmatic band geek with severe acne and an extensive Dane Cook DVD collection. As the second best team in the bluegrass state, Louisville has developed a small chip on their shoulder that has made them almost impossible to deal with every time ESPN runs a “biggest disappointments of the tournament” montage.


8. Cornell Big Red

Photo: Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

There’s nothing quite like tossing on a retro Casey Jacobsen jersey, cracking open a case of Zima, turning on a college basketball game, and seeing a 19-year-old Adderall dealer and thinking “Son of a bitch, that guy’s going to be my boss someday.”

Watching a group of kids whose combined SAT score is higher than the down payment of my house succeed in sports is more dejecting than being dubbed “too effeminate to join my high school curling team” (screw you, Wise Wood Academy). Cornell has become one of the most consistent teams in the NCAA while demonstrating a firm commitment to academics and obeying the law – essentially spitting in the face of everything college basketball stands for.


7. Any Team Coached by Bob Huggins

Photo: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Much like prostate cancer and David Schwimmer, there are a million reasons to lament the existence of Bob Huggins. Between his loose interpretation of DUI laws, disregard of diabetes prevention, and patented “Every Child Left Behind” academic plan that led to the “zero percent graduation rate” of his players, Huggins may actually be the single worst thing to happen to college basketball since Gerry McNamara or local blackouts.

Sure, his Danny Fortson and Kenyon Martin-led teams shockingly accomplished nothing in postseason play, but this year may actually be the one where the Baron of the Buffet marks his territory in the championship circle. His West Virginia Mountaineers are one of the three best teams in the NCAA Tournament and may give Huggy Bear the chance to hoist a championship trophy before promptly leaving the school for a better opportunity.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Photo: Joe Robbins/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Though they're officially known as the State University of New Jersey (or an “easy win” for any of the 147 Big East teams that play them every year), the Scarlet Knights prefer to think of themselves as “New York’s team.” Sure, they don’t technically play in the Empire State and feature nearly as many players from Africa as they do from the Big Apple, but that doesn’t stop a school that boasts alumni like NBA Rock n’ Jock Hall of Famer Bill Bellamy and a back-up singer from The Fugees from describing themselves as the home team of New York City.

Just ask Howard Stern or Dan Honig. You can’t walk down the streets of Brooklyn without running into at least 17 Rutgers jerseys or seeing Quincy Douby’s NBA potential on the side of a milk carton.


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