Shelby Announces World's Fastest Electric Car

January 22, 2009

Shelby, in an announcement of great chutzpah, went to the Abu Dhabi International Motor Show and (amid a crowd of oil barons) announced that they’re rolling out an oil-less super car that looks as sexier in real life than the header image of this article looks to you right now.  Ballsy, Shelby.  Very ballsy. 

Little is known about the car itself for certain.  But, Shelby claims it will have a lithium ion battery which can charge from a 110 volt AC in 10 minutes, have a 200 mile range, and has scalable horsepower (anywhere between 200 and 500). 

They’ve even announced a dual-motor configuration that, reportedly, could produce 1,200 horsepower.  I’m not engineer, but that’s like tying 10 of your sissy Toyota Prius engines together and putting wheels on them.  Kind of. 

Shelby says we’re going to wait another 10 months before we see anything more.  So until then, I’m going to save up for at least 7 Priuses (Prii?). 

Image Source: Shelby SuperCars