Mantenna - Friday, July 23

July 23, 2010

Lindsay Lohan struggles through the hardships of jail, Kate Gosselin gets a surprise partner for a camping trip, and another NBA star might be getting ready to ditch his franchise...the Mantenna is proud to serve!

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Fun Fact: Americans Still Don't Care About Soccer

Fresh off a record breaking World Cup audience in the United States, the sport of soccer seemed primed to make its move past hockey and become the country's ninth most popular sport. Sadly, this was not the case. The MLS (America's professional soccer league) is currently experiencing record low ratings and has less viewers than WNBA broadcasts. Yes, that's the sound of soccer dying in America. [Sports Media Watch]

Refusing to Honor Your Contract Becomes Fun New NBA Trend

Now that LeBron has teamed up with his two buddies in South Beach, many other NBA players are anxiously awaiting the chance to burn their franchises in order to become part of a super team. Chris Paul is one of them. According to, well, pretty much everyone, Paul is going to meet with New Orleans Hornets owners in order to list cities he want to be traded to. This seems like a solid career move for Paul, because if there's one thing a guy whose job it is to be the least selfish player on the floor (as a point guard) wants to do, it's engage in the most "me first" activities he can find over the offseason. [Los Angeles Times]

Lindsay Lohan is Not a Fan of Jail

Lindsay Lohan is a few days into her jail sentence, and things could probably be going a little better at this point. According to TMZ "inmates can order food and drinks from the commissary on Mondays, and pick it up on Tuesdays. Lindsay didn't check in until Tuesday, and the jailers are making her wait until next Monday before she can order anything. The girl wants a drink of water, but the only thing that's available -- as one source puts it -- is 'water from that nasty sink in her cell.' Lindsay just can't stomach it." There are also a real lack of nightlife options and networking opportunities. [TMZ]

Move Over Chevy Chase, We Now Have a Candidate for the World's Most Awkward Vacation

According to reports that are - in no way - made up, Kate Gosselin and her eight supporting cast members will head to Alaska later this year to join Sarah Palin on a camping trip. It will be used for part of Gosselin's television show and evidence that shadowy villains still meet in remote frozen tundras to discuss plans of world domination. Somebody please alert Superman. [DimeWars]

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