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The 10 Craziest Video Game Case Mods

by DannyGallagher   January 28, 2011 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 40,030

5. The Leela Case Mod

Source: Kotaku

Normally, I’m all for decorating every inch of my personal space with more Futurama collectibles and keepsakes than a lonely basement nerd who not only wishes that women like Amy and Leela existed, but that they would also voluntarily have sex with them.

This life-size reproduction of the buxom, one-eyed babe is one I could do without. It is fully poseable, has a “thumb drive” in its “thumb,” and uses its giant eye as a webcam.

Use your imagination, sickos.

4. The Toilet PC

Source: Envador.com

It’s hard to think of a demographic that would actually consider building or even buying something this disgusting. Maybe I just don’t want to or start opening psychology journals to learn the clinical term for the kind of fetish demographic this case mod caters to with its scatological horribleness.

It’s actually a working PC made to look like the stinkiest, muddiest toilet you’ve seen since you made it out of that Tijuana bathhouse with your wallet and your sanity still intact. The funniest part is that the flush switch also acts as the power switch. I don’t even want to know what it does when you try to “back it up.”

3. The “Microwaved” PS3

Source: Ps3 Maven

It’s hard to understand the mind that not only came up with the concept of a melted video game console as a case mod, but also looked at its twisted, burning metal motif and thought, “Nah, that’s not making me as sick as I thought.”

This case mod looks like someone with way too much money and time on their hands stuck their PS3 in the microwave and set it to “baked potato,” but the layer of glowing yellow reptile eyes on the cover makes it look like it suffered some kind of accidental nuclear shock in the heating process. At least that would explain the “baked potato” setting (ha! I kill me!).

2. The Xbox Car

Source: Xbox Freedom

We already have too many distractions to take our eyes off the road when we’re behind the wheel: the cell phone, the radio that couldn’t pick up a station if it was broadcasting from the trunk, the kids in the back that make you wish you had used that vasectomy coupon your wife gave you last Christmas.

So why not add one more, like, say, a fully functioning Xbox 360? A case modder actually built a working model into the dash and steering wheel of a Suzuki so you can play the latest “Project Gotham Racing” on the way to work and get actual tickets for driving your car into a row of crash barrels. Now that's three-dimensional gaming.

1. The Coffin PC

Source: La windows-Tomba

There are a lot of concepts of Heaven, that grand place in the afterlife that grants your every human wish and pleasure in exchange for giving up the chance at any of them when you were alive.

This would be the way to get there. It’s a fully functional PC built into a lightweight casket that will allow you to play Quake or Doom 3 in absolutely perfect peace. It’s the only coffin we wouldn’t mind waking up in and finding out we’ve been accidentally buried alive, assuming, of course, that we didn't forget to pack a Nintendo 3DS before we go.



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