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The 10 Craziest Video Game Case Mods

by DannyGallagher   January 28, 2011 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 40,032

Compared to the glory days of colorful arcade machines, today's video game consoles are just drab, one-colored boxes of zero imagination. But the exterior decorators of these console case mods can help the most drab game room break out of the monotony.

Source: Technology Magazine News

By Danny Gallagher

10. The Alien Chestburster PS3

If you're looking to “horrify” a room’s decor or make people think you worship some kind of Peruvian blood god that demands monthly sacrifices and a little “something extra” at Christmas, you can’t do better than using the Alien movie series as your muse.

This case mod turns an ordinary looking PlayStation 3 into an infected host for a flesh-eating mutant that has burst out of the top in all of its gory glory. It’s perfect for gamers who enjoy more than anyone’s fair share of blood loss in a digital or real world setting or celebrating the eventual extinction of the human race by a superior species without having to blow a wad of cash at Hot Topic.

9. The Atari 2600 Guitar Hero Controller

Source: SlipperyBrick.com

You haven’t played with one since the 1980s and it’s just sitting in your attic collecting more dust than the script for your The Lost Boys 2: Lost in Space sequel.

So why not whip the original bad boy of button-mashing out and turn it into something more useful than an Atari 5400? The makers of this Guitar Hero controller took apart their 4-bit behemoth and stapled, glued, and taped it together into a virtual guitar. Now not only can you pretend to rock out to your favorite tunes, but you’re finally getting some use of your old Atari for something other than a couch leg replacement.

8. The Nintoaster

Source: Kotaku

It takes a twisted mind to look at this staple of the breakfast nook and realize you could modify it to do something twice as cool as browning bread...and by twisted, I mean probably stoned.

The creators of the “Nintoaster” actually ripped the guts out of a toaster and put in the working guts of an original NES to give gamers the most hilarious time they’ve had on the old 8-bit machine since they realize it looked like Mario was shooting fireballs out of his nose. It not only plays the original game cartridge, but it works just like a top loading toaster with a side lever that pops the cartridge into place and acts as the power button. Just imagine the twisted mind who tries to put a real piece of bread in there just to see what game it plays. Again, I mean “probably stoned.”

7. The NES Coffee Table

Source: CrunchGear

Despite the popular opinion of some, there are certain things that aren’t better when they are “bigger.” Take, for instance, the following: herpes, strip club bouncers, the mole on the cafeteria lady’s face.

This NES mod re-breaks that rule that we just broke (my head hurts). It’s a 100 percent plus-sized NES console that not only doubles in size, but also doubles as a living room coffee table. It also works just like a real NES system, except that it runs old NES games on a Nintendo Wii and spits it out on a high-resolution projector. Even the classic square controllers are super-sized for the gaming giant who goes through more broken controllers and keyboards than every World of Warcraft player ever.

6. The HAL Cube

Computers carry this strange stigma among conspiracy theorists as machines that one day will become so smart, they'll actually rise against and enslave their human creators. They fail to realize that the uprising can be quashed when tech support makes them wait for an hour to talk to a technician in Bangladesh.

If you still love the stigma of evil in your decorative scheme, then I suggest this mock-up of a PC made to look like the evil HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey. It not only looks just like the slick and smooth casing of its evil brethren, but it even has a little floating spaceman trying to save himself from what little time he has left on Earth before it's eventually overtaken by the rising tide of technology. Just make sure you have some extra oxygen handy when you start using it because you never know when you try and shut it off and it decides that you really don’t need any.


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