Allen And Ton Scoop Up Creepy Containers

October 21, 2011
61 miles north of L.A is where "X" marks the spot for the Auction Hunters this week. This new city is home to beaches, agriculture, manufacturing, and more - so they can find just about anything here. This elusive city is none other than Oxnard, CA, of course.


Sold For: $8,500

The first storage unit the boys rummage through took so much time that they had to come back to this second one for a "night dig" – and guess what they found: an undertaker's toolkit. Things go from strange to downright creepy as Allen picks up am embalmer, then a dissecting kit, and then finally when Ton has an evil look in his eye turning on an electric bone saw. Ah yes, the sweet power tools of a man in a morgue – and that's exactly the Auction Hunters' next stop is. At the morgue, they meet with Sean, an Autopsy Technician and an avid collector of antique postmortem equipment. After Allen tests the electric bone saw on a fake skull to show Sean it means business, Sean offers $8,500 for the whole lot of postmortem collectibles.
From shark diving to autopsy tools, this was definitely a creepy one for the Auction Hunters…but more importantly, a profitable one! The boys spent just $1,550 but were able to land$500 for the shark cage, $8,500 for the postmortem collectibles, and a sweet $680 for everything else – that's a whopping $8,130 profit.

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