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Allen And Ton Scoop Up Creepy Containers

by AaronAhmadi   October 21, 2011 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 3,361
61 miles north of L.A is where "X" marks the spot for the Auction Hunters this week. This new city is home to beaches, agriculture, manufacturing, and more - so they can find just about anything here. This elusive city is none other than Oxnard, CA, of course.

Night of the Digging Dead

It seems like every auction Ton and Allen head to they always bump heads with a rival, and this week was no exception. In fact this area's usual competitor nicknamed "Smiley" sent his henchman, "Smiley Jr. instead" First auction up for grabs was a rare treat: a vehicle auction! This RV Storage Space could've been worth something if the parts were sold, but Smiley Jr. beat Allen with a hefty bid. But not to worry, the boys successfully grabbed two storage units full of goodies: a "household" unit for $1,000 and a "doctor's unit" for $550 – that' right, a "doctor's unit." Strap yourself in for this wild ride, folks.


Sold For: $500

While digging through the treasure-filled household unit, Ton finds something that stopped him in his tracks: big ol' shark cage just waiting to be dropped into the ocean. Excited, Ton and Allen travel to Los Angeles to meet with Chris, A Shark Boat Captain who also happens to run shark-diving expeditions on the beautiful California coastline. Chris puts a smile on the boys' faces when he says this shark cage could fetch up to $5,000, but only if this beauty actually works. The shark cage is dropped into the ocean, and the bottom cage door breaks off and plummets to the bottom of the sea, along with its value. Chris tells Ton and Allen all he can offer is $500. Well, at least they weren't shark bait!


Sold For: $8,500

The first storage unit the boys rummage through took so much time that they had to come back to this second one for a "night dig" – and guess what they found: an undertaker's toolkit. Things go from strange to downright creepy as Allen picks up am embalmer, then a dissecting kit, and then finally when Ton has an evil look in his eye turning on an electric bone saw. Ah yes, the sweet power tools of a man in a morgue – and that's exactly the Auction Hunters' next stop is. At the morgue, they meet with Sean, an Autopsy Technician and an avid collector of antique postmortem equipment. After Allen tests the electric bone saw on a fake skull to show Sean it means business, Sean offers $8,500 for the whole lot of postmortem collectibles.
From shark diving to autopsy tools, this was definitely a creepy one for the Auction Hunters…but more importantly, a profitable one! The boys spent just $1,550 but were able to land$500 for the shark cage, $8,500 for the postmortem collectibles, and a sweet $680 for everything else – that's a whopping $8,130 profit.

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