Internet Stars Battle It Out on South Park

April 3, 2008

In the land of mythical land of viral video, a million views on YouTube will make you an overnight star. A select few will remain popular and enter into the realm of the Viral Video Legend. But in the real world, this rarely translates into actual income. This must be tough on the so-called cewebrities but really, what do they expect? That we're actually going to pay good money to see them act like a bunch of freaks?

I feel for them, so I hope they take some consolation from last night's South Park episode, where a all-star cavalcade of internet dorks (including Tay Zonday, Star Wars Kid, Tron Guy, Laughing Baby, Afro Ninja, Sneezing Panda, Chris Crocker, Numa Numa Guy) battled it out over the "theoretical money" they would (or should) have made.

Pretty good stuff, but would it have killed them to include the Average Homeboy?