Elisabeth Hasselbeck Sucks at Apologies

May 12, 2010

Last week, Elisabeth Hasselbeck emotionally told fans of The View - who had to put down their copies of So You’re Going to Die Alone in order to concentrate - about her apology to Erin Andrews for insinuating that she dresses like a liberal whore. If Hasselbeck hadn’t made the whole thing up, it probably would have been a really touching story.

When asked to comment about Hasselbeck’s humbling atonement, Andrews claimed that “it never happened” and that she is “tired of talking about it.”

In all fairness, Hasselbeck struggles with basic concepts like “respect” and “reading off cue cards,” so it’s possible that she thought telling everyone you apologized is pretty much the same thing as actually saying you’re sorry.

(Seriously, she’s not that bright.)

Hasselbeck has yet to address Andrews comments, but if The View’s 26-minute segment on Why Chewing Gum is Sexist ends early, it should allow her enough time to irrationally address the issue with bible quotes and fake tears.

Photo: Matt Stroshane/Getty Images News/Getty Images