Girls Basketball Team 108, Opponents' Dignity 3

January 26, 2011

The girls basketball team at Christian Heritage High School (West Jordan, Utah) played a spirited game of opponent humiliation against an academy for girls recovering from substance abuse problems. While in a figurative sense, the troubled young ladies picked up a moral victory just by showing up, in a very literal sense they got pounded 108-3.

Christian Heritage Head Coach Rob McGill noted that he didn’t want to play at half-speed once the game was out of hand because he "didn't want to taunt them [or] want to embarrass them, [or] want them to think we could do whatever we want.”

Classy move, Rob.

Players from the losing school
accepted a brief apology issued by McGill after the crowd laughter died down, but claimed the beating didn't bother them. They simply enjoyed the opportunity to compete.

I’m no math wizard, but it seems pretty clear who the real losers are in this situation. (And yes, it's the volunteer coach who takes girls varisty basketball way too seriously, not the team who lost by 105 points.)


Photo: Stone/Getty Images