Britney Spears Goes Man Shopping

September 15, 2009

Britney Spears is so desperate and dateless she has allegedly resorted to picking out men from modeling catalogues and inviting them to “fake auditions.”

The New York Daily News is reporting that Britney Spears “picked up some modeling agency catalogues and started flipping through the pictures” looking for a man to date. She spied one she liked, 24-year-old Ford male model Bekim Trenova, and organized her people to set up an “audition” for him in Los Angeles to be in one of her music videos:

When he got there, there was no camera crew. There was just Britney. She was looking sexy. She made it pretty clear that she was less interested in hiring him than in dating him. Bekim found the whole scene very weird. He was polite but not interested. He made some excuse to get out of there.

A spokesperson for Ms. Spears has denied the story, saying it’s “completely false” and she “doesn’t know the guy.” But, of course, a rejected single mother of two would say that.

Source: Jason Merritt/Getty Images