Dating Advice from a 4th Grader

December 3, 2008

Alec Greven is only 9-years-old and already he’s mastered the art of picking up women. The pre-teen’s book is titled How to Talk to Girls and is described as a dating primer aimed at kids around his age. It might be a bit sad to take dating advice from a 4th grader, but this kid is on to something.

The fourth grader lothario decided to write the book after seeing guys struggle to talk to girls at school. The book started as a handwritten pamphlet that he sold for $3 at his school book fair. This week the book hits book shops nationwide.

His advice is simple and savvy. First off he says guys have to stop showing off, go easy on the compliments and stay away from overly attractive women. He says the best way to approach a girl is to say “hi.” He thinks it is easy to spot pretty girls, because they are wearing big earrings and fancy dresses. He believes that "pretty girls are like cars that need a lot of oil." He also suggests that guys comb their hair and stay clear of sweatpants. This book is filled with similar, sound advice that should be followed no matter how old you are.

Alec says he is currently single and confesses he’s a little too young to be dating. He thinks it’s best to start dating around middle school. With such honesty, this kid is going to be one heck of a love machine.