Canadian Football Looks Cold and Angry

November 19, 2010

This weekend’s Western Divisional playoff game between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Calgary Stampeders will be played in balmy three degree (Fahrenheit) weather at Southern Alberta’s legendary McMahon Stadium. In order to prepare for the matchup, the Roughriders headed to the set of Rocky IV to pull large Russian wagons and stave off hypothermia. Both the over/under and expected fatality rate is listed at 53.5 for the game.

A brave cameraman who probably hates his life was forced to cover the practice for News Talk 980. While it’s unclear if he died shortly after returning to the station, it is evident that he did his job for at least 71 freezing seconds.

The video below (which, if you squint for a second looks like some sort of Siberian work camp) shows the dangerous conditions CFL players are forced to train in.


(On a totally unbiased editorial note... Go Stamps! Kick the ever living Durant out of them.)

Photo: News Talk 980