Facebook: No Longer Just for Ugly People to Announce Their Important Life Moments

July 21, 2010

Social media is an excellent resource for chubby gals with an extensive Nicholas Sparks library to tell their high school classmates “Look, somebody is marrying me and I took 312 pictures of the ring to prove it!” Conversely, it’s also a great channel to communicate pending nuptials between two people whose children will be candidates for early acceptance at the Derek Zoolander School for Children Who are Really, Really, Ridiculously Good-Looking.

Over on Facebook, Russian swimsuit model Irina Shayk has announced that she and soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo will walk down the aisle by the end of the calendar year.

“I will marry Cristiano Ronaldo before Christmas.” She announced. Irina also said “I love my boyfriend, I love my life, I love Portugal. I want to help him raise his child.”

Remember the illegitimate son he had with an American waitress?

Anyway, big congrats to the pair. It’s nice to see a millionaire professional athlete and independently wealthy underpants model finding happiness.

Photo: IrinaShayk.com