The Dictator: Wadiyan Games App Looks Kinda Amazing

April 30, 2012

If can't wait to see the hilarious-looking Sacha Baron Cohen comedy flick The Dictator, you can get your hands on the official App right now that gives users the almighty privilege to participate in the Wadiyan Games.

Peep the trailer for The Dictator: Wadiyan Games right here and check out the official description below:

Pampered Western Youth! In a lifelike simulation of what will happen at this year's World Games, my nation's finest computer scientists have created a Wadiyan Games app where I neutralize all other opponents and win every gold medal! Hafla!

The Wadiyan Games lets you step into the shoes of the General Aladeen and compete in his four favorite events – running, swimming, fencing and boxing.

You can also upload a headshot and pose alongside the General Aladeen and share the picture on Facebook, Twitter and email!

The game also features the ultimate finishing moves for each event. Additional sporting events and backdrops can be unlocked with in-app purchase.

The app was blessed by General Aladeen and based on the upcoming Paramount Pictures feature film The Dictator in theaters nationwide starting May 16, 2012.

As everyone should already know, the film sets out to tell the story of a dictator who risks life and limb to ensure that democracy will never make its way to his oppressed country. Directed by Larry Charles, this looks to be yet another comedy classic by the wacky duo.

Source: Paramount Pictures