Cheerleaders Behaving Badly

May 5, 2008


Racy photos of the Arizona State University CheerleadingSquad, posted on blog, have resulted in the squad being disbanded.The photographs show 6 of the 16 member squad posing in panties and bras andwere taken two years ago at a “cheer party”. received an email from Lisa Love, the Vice Presidentof University Athletics, who is quoted as saying the school “decided due torecent events of inappropriate behavior by the Cheer Squad, they [ASU] decidedto cut the cheer program completely.”  Thereis some speculation that this email may be fake and that the photos did notresult in the school ending the program.

One of the cheerleaders, Briana Barcelo, told Fox Phoenix that the photos played no role in ending the program, as the school had beenplanning on altering it for sometime. “It’s just good timing on their part Iguess,” Barcelo said of the photos surfacing at the same time the schooldecided to cut the squad.

It appears that the school is not eliminating cheering altogether;they are just eliminating the sexy cheerleaders.  Instead they’ll have a “spirit squad” thatwill be less about stunts, tumbling and hot girls and more about school spirit,support and cheering. This is sad. Like most guys, I lenjoy thecheerleading part.

The photos and ensuing controversy are similar to the situationMiley Cyrus found herself in last week. In both instances the photos werepretty tame, the only difference being that the cheerleaders weren’t minors andunlike Miley, they got the boot.