CES 2010: Use Anything as an Input Device for your PC

January 8, 2010


We've seen all the fancy demos of touch screens and tablet PCs we can handle at this point because when they're ultimately released they're insanely expensive or don't work as they should, but Light Blue Optics has created a small projector that allows you to use anything as a touchscreen. Yeah, we know the wheels are turning.

The Light Touch, as it's being called, is honestly one of the coolest products at CES this year. Using holographic lasers, the small projector displays your computer's desktop on whatever surface you want. It works best with a flat surface, but we tried projecting it onto our hand and it still worked. You can then use your fingers to draw, select, resize, or just about anything else you would normally do with a mouse pointer thanks to infrared sensors. There's no word on when a consumer-level version will be released as Light Blue Optics is currently pitching it for industrial use, but they also showed images of people using to control the security and temperature of their homes. The industrial applications are seemingly limitless. For more, be sure to check out the official site