Black Leather Keyboard for Manly Emails

December 15, 2008

One might think that black leather seems to be an unusual choice for a typing surface.  The person thinking that, though, is likely a woman or an unsuitably manly man.  Leather is always the right choice for décor, fashion, and as it turns out, modern technology.  It was good enough for Davy Crocket, but it’s not good enough for you? You’ve got to be kidding. 

In any event, a man shouldn’t be typing excessively for no good reason. Emails, like phone calls, should be brief and to the point with no jibber jabber about celebrity train wrecks. Here’s a good sample email exchange for a leather keyboard if you’re still confused: 

ME: Grab a beer after work? 


Buy the leather keyboard for ¥54,800 ($603) because buying things in foreign currency is also manly.  If you can pay for it with salvaged Spanish bullion, that’s like the ultimate.