Mantenna - Thursday, June 18

June 18, 2009

A Puerto Rican man is in hot water for stealing underwear, Tony Scott is set to direct a Hells Angels flick, and the sexy girls of the Mexican soccer league strut their's the Mantenna!

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The Sexy Girls of the Mexican Soccer League

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, yet no one cares about it in the United States. The lack of popularity is due to one reason -- the absence of super hot women shaking their tail feathers on the sidelines. If American soccer had cheerleaders like they do in Mexico, then soccer would be the number one sport here as well. These women are curvy, know how to move, and wear skimpy outfits. Ay Carumba! [Uncoached]

Thief Nicks Knickers

A man has been arrested in Puerto Rico for stealing 88 pieces of underwear from his neighbor’s clothesline. According to authorities, the man stole the underthings over a period of several months. The neighbor reportedly had to keep buying underwear to replace the vanishing pairs. Upon his arrest, the man returned all 88 pairs. [Metro]

Tony Scott and the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club

A rumor’s been floating around that after Tony Scott’s upcoming film Unstoppable is finished he’s going to shoot a film about the Hells Angels. At first it was rumored he was going to adapt Hunter S. Thompson’s book Hell's Angels, an account of the time Thompson spent with the motorcycle gang. But now the news has broken that screenwriter Stephen Gaghan (Traffic) is going to adapt the founder of the Oakland Hell’s Angels autobiography, Hell’s Angel: The Life and Times of Sonny Barger and the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club. Barger did a 13-year stint in the can for, among other things, kidnapping and attempted murder. If it’s hardened tales of hardened criminals you’re looking for on the silver screen, Tony Scott’s going to bring it to you. Sonny Barger may not have a larynx anymore, but he’s still got a hell of a story. [First Showing]

Kelis and Nas' Divorce Details Released


Source: Dave M. Benet/Getty Images

Details of the divorce of Nas and Kelis have been revealed and include information about her income and expenses. Kelis Rogers filed for divorce in May after almost five years of marriage to rapper Nas, and is seeking $20,000 for baby expenses such as cribs and strollers. She is also asking for money to pay for a baby nurse and other staff. According to media reports, singer Kelis listed her expenses as $80,831 per month, but only made an average of $21,616 per month in the past year. Included in her expenses is $15,000 per month on entertaining, gifts, and vacations. Kelis is due to have her baby next month. [NME]

Apple's iTunes is Now Nation's Largest Music Seller

The closing this weekend of Virgin’s last two stores, in Manhattan and Hollywood, marks the death of a once booming chain and another nail in the coffin of the music CD. CD sales nationwide are down by half since 2000. So Virgin’s parent company closed its 25 Megastores and is leasing the space to other businesses. Apple’s iTunes is now the nation’s largest music seller, with 20 percent of the market. Amazon has about 8 percent. And some studies show most music is now downloaded for free illegally. [Music Industry Report]

Mustang "Five Point Oh" Returning in 2011?

After some digging through Ford's parts database, a forum member at TheMustangSource came across a "5.0" badge and an accompanying part number that could find itself attached to the 2011 Ford Mustang. Supposedly, KC also found listings for three new engine/transmission combos for 2011: the 3.7-liter V6 reported earlier (with both auto and manual gearboxes), a 5.0-liter (with the same transmission options) and a supercharged 5.4-liter. Perhaps muscle cars aren't dead just yet? [Brad Barnett]

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