CES 2010: Free Cell Phone Calls from Home

January 8, 2010

Remember those corny MagicJack commercials on late night TV? Well, believe it or not, the product actually works, and now the company has debuted a product that will allow you to make phone calls from your cell phone at home without deducting from the minutes on your calling plan.

The cell phone companies are seriously pissed because the product essentially creates a small tower in your home. Said companies have been trying to develop similar technology to sell for upwards of $200 to consumers, but you can get the Cell MajicJack for a paltry $40. That will get you free calls to the US and Canada for a full 12 months. If you do call outside that area, you pay MajicJack, and not your cell phone carrier. It's set to go on sale in a handful of months.

You simply plug it into the USB port of a computer with broadband access, get your phone near the computer, and respond with a code once the device calls your phone. The company states that it will work in homes up to 3000 square feet. We tested it on the show floor, and since it uses the internet to place the call, the sound quality isn't perfect, but hey, the call is free. Right now the device only works with GSM phones, so that means AT&T and T-Mobile customers are hooked up. The best part is that if the cell phone companies get around to suing, it's MagicJack that's on the hook, not you.