Mantenna - Thursday, September 2

September 2, 2010

Jerry Lewis slams Lindsay Lohan, Axl Rose storms offstage once again, and college football is starting tonight...the Mantenna is playin' with the boys!

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Jerry Lewis Not a Fan of Lindsay Lohan

Jerry Lewis is not a fan of the current crop of young, troubled celebrities. In an interview with Inside Edition, Lewis went on a tirade lambasting Lindsay Lohan and her poor behavior. Lohan makes Lewis so mad he’d turn to violence. He told Inside Edition, “I would smack her [Lohan] in the mouth and be arrested for abusing a woman! I would say, 'You deserve this and nothing else' ... WHACK! And then, if she's not satisfied, I'd put her over my knee and spank her and then put her in rehab and that's it.” The 84-year-old comedian thinks Lohan and Paris Hilton are “hurting” and “begging for help.” He says, “What they're saying is, 'I'm f*****d up, can you please help me!” The old-timer might have a point. [PopEater]

Twitter May Poke Holes in Hilton’s Handbag Defense

Paris Hilton was recently busted for drug possession. The heiress was caught in Vegas with less than a gram of cocaine. According to police, the cocaine fell out of the handbag Hilton was holding. Hilton played dumb and said she didn’t know about the cocaine and that the handbag belonged to a friend. She has since maintained her innocence and stated she was simply borrowing the handbag. Well, Twitter may prove otherwise. Some six weeks ago Hilton posted a photograph on Twitter of a new Chanel handbag she was excited about. She wrote, “Love My New Chanel Purse I got Today. :).” The problem is the purse looks remarkably similar to the one Paris was holding when she was pulled over by police. Oops. Someone might need to change their story. [People]

Axl Rose Storms Offstage, Again

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Guns N' Roses got into even more tour drama last evening during a live show in Dublin, Ireland. It’s being reported that fans waited over 90 minutes for GNR to take the stage and even chanted "F**k you!" and threw bottles at the band once they finally arrived to perform. Axl Rose interrupted the show halfway into the first song and told the audience that if any more bottles were thrown on stage they wouldn’t play the gig. "We want to stay," Rose said. "We want to have some fun. If you don't want to have fun, just let us know." After concertgoers continued to toss more bottles on stage, Axl and his band left the for good. What a class act. [TMZ]

Double Rainbow Guy Teams Up with Microsoft

Remember the Double Rainbow guy? You know, the dude who was presumably so stoned out of his gourd that he made a video of a "double rainbow" while hiking in Yosemite? Well now he's one of the rare viral video stars to cash in on his celebrity by making an appearance in a new commercial for Microsoft. It's pretty funny stuff so we have to congratulate him. Rock on, Double Rainbow Guy. [CollegeHumor]

Rumors May be Fun, But They're Also Illegall

A San Antonio Spurs announcer has been suspended after allegedly starting an anonymous Twitter account and spreading rumors about a female reporter. According to a local news outlet "Police said [Mike] Lavender used a Twitter account, '@SkanksInSA411,' in June to harass the 33-year-old reporter, claiming she was in a relationship with a married man." Apparently this is illegal. Lavender faces some time in jail, and a stern talking-to by his fake Twitter followers. [My San Antonio]

Thank the Lord, College Football Starts Tonight

The greatest day of the year has come. The return of college football is upon us with several of the league's best - and most often suspended - teams playing tonight. USC, Utah, Pitt, and Ohio State are in action this evening, while the rest of the nation's top teams start their national title dreams over the weekend. Since there's really not much else to write that doesn't include the phrase "another reason to ignore the wife and kids," here are three somewhat bold predictions to tide you over. 1) Ohio State will win the National Title. 2) Boise State will lose their first game. 3) Garret Gilbert will win the Heisman trophy. Happy watching. [ESPN]

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