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by Robbie E   March 27, 2014 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 6,531

Who does Robbie E roll with, bro? We travel all around the world for IMPACT WRESTLING. The coolest crew is the H.M.V. The Handsome Man Van. This van consists of the greatest and boldest collection of handsome men the wrestling business has ever seen. Naturally, Robbie E is there, bro. But who else?

5 - Jessie - He's my tag partner, so obviously we roll together. He keeps us connected to the all the local girls in the area no matter where we are through tinder, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, AOL or whatever else he has to do to get us booty calls. I think he's still on Friendster.

4 - DJ Z - My DJ always rolls. He knows all the hottest spots everywhere we go 'cause everyone wants him to DJ there. Hes that Young Go Hard, tho... he also partakes with Jessie in getting us tinderellas. My man is #killingit.

3 - Rockstar Spud – Spud is with us to make us all feel better about ourselves. I mean, come on, bro. Look at that hamster. Plus he does what we say. It's cool having a personal H.M.V. servant. Granted he usually messes everything up. He's kinda like if that hamster Jeremy Borash was British. Bro, he's Jeremy BRITash. That just happened.

2 - EC3 - Granted we don't always see eye to eye. But EC3 is a good member of the travel team. For one thing, he always knows where good gyms are at, and although he has a lot of bad habits that he needs to kick, he's a good samaritan. I once saw him help up a fallen old lady. But then he stole her purse.

1 - Magnus - The champ keeps us all in check. Yeah,at certain times of the night he does indeed get moody, and sometimes we have to double up on tea runs for him, (Spud's the only one who knows anything about tea but he can't see over the steering wheel) for the most part, Magnus is the sane one that keeps us characters in line and alive.

Until next time... #TRIPLEBOOM... I'm sure everyone was reading this blog in the room.

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