Could Hoverbikes Be Coming Soon to a Dealership Near You?

June 23, 2011
One of the biggest complaints since the beginning of the new millennium is "where are all the flying cars? I was promised flying cars and I see no flying cars! FLYING CARS!" Stop whining. We're one step closer. Haven't you ever heard of learning to crawl before you can hover?

Australian designer Chris Malloy has built a propeller-powered hoverbike, a design that took two and a half years to bring to life. It is made out of "Kevlar reinforced carbon fiber with a foam core frame" to make it light enough to float and comes with a "1170cc 4-stroke engine capable of delivering 80 kilowats to the propellers" to make it powerful enough to be awesome.

Based on the early specs, the bike should be able to reach a top speed of 173 mph and could cost around $40,000 if it ever makes it to the market. It's scheduled to be extensively tested in the coming months but so far, this is just a prototype that has just barely gotten off the ground (it's just like comedy!).

Source: Malloy’s Hoverbikes