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How The Goats Spent Their Summer Vacation

by Dana Flax   September 12, 2011 at 4:00PM  |  Views: 8,386
In case you were too busy catching rays, surfing waves or watching previous seasons of Blue Mountain State on Spike.com this summer, we’ve created this roundup of what your favorite Goats have been up to in the off-season. Check it out below, and don’t forget to tune into the new season of BMS when it premieres on Wednesday, September 21 at 11/10c!

Credit: CBS

Sammy Cacciatore Played Ted’s Friend On How I Met Your Mother

When not embarrassing the crap out of himself at the Goat House, Sammy (played by Chris Romanski) occasionally pops up as Ted Mosby’s old friend Punchy on How I Met Your Mother. In fact, the season premiere of HIMYM, airing Monday, September 19 on CBS, is set at Punchy’s wedding. Hard as it may be to picture Sammy walking down the aisle, we’ll be watching to see if he somehow ends up in the drunk tank.

Credit: ABC

Alex Was a Pizza-Parlor-Owner-Cum-Murder-Suspect On Castle

Well, will you have a look at that! Alex (played by Darin Brooks) completely transformed into a pizza entrepreneur in th “Slice of Death” episode of Castle, gold chain, silk shirt and all. His character Nick, Jr., is implicated in the murder of a reporter inside of his shop’s pizza oven, but did he do it? Guess Castle -- AKA Nathan Fillion of PG Porn fame – will have to find out.

Credit: CW

Thad Played the Anti-Thad On 90210

Though “Trip Willinson” is about as amazing of a name as Thad Castle, that’s about the only thing that this 90210 character has in common with BMS’ fearless leader. We won’t give away Trip’s big secret, but let’s just say that Alan Ritchson (who plays the two) has got RANGE.

Credit: Grindstone Entertainment

Debra Did Her Business In Cougars, Inc.

Any fan of BMS knows how Debra (played by Denise Richards), is a class-A cougar in the midst of a steady stream of younger men. To send this point home even further, Denise was in a film called Cougars, Inc., in which she plays a, well, class-A cougar who hires an escort service to ensure a steady stream of younger men. The concept is pretty sound to us, except for one thing – Alex could tell you she doesn’t need to pay to score the younger men.


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