Mantenna - Friday, November 14

November 14, 2008

Sarah Palin's soaking up some rays in Miami, Kanye West gets arrested yet again, and the military is developing some creepy "blood-pharming" technology.  All that and a whole lot more can be found in today's Mantenna!

Hot Women By the 10

Hot women, I think most will agree, are really great. But you know what’s even better than a hot woman? 10 of them. That’s right -- hot women are best when they come in groups of 10. Kristanna Loken, Jenna Jameson, Catherine Bell, Alyssa Milano – these are just a few of the hotties on display in this top 10 celebrity list from Manofest. What’s even better than 10 hot famous women? 10 of them who are scantily clad. That’s probably just about the best thing ever. [Manofest]

Sarah Palin Soaks Up Some Sun In Miami

Alaska governor, Sarah Palin recently took a break from politics and stripped off her expensive campaign wardrobe for some revealing daisy dukes. Palin soaked up some rays by a Miami pool while knocking back a few fruity mixed drinks. You betcha! [Celebuzz]

New Trailer and Pics for Bitch Slap

A new trailer and pics are out for the high-concept drama (kidding – it’s a violent boobfest) Bitch Slap. This film takes three hotties, $200 million worth of diamonds, and some real bad baddies looking to put some hurt on the ladies. A modern day take on exploitation movies of the ‘70s, it stars Lucy Lawless, Renee O’Connor, and Julia Voth...not to mention stunts from Zoe Bell of Kill Bill and Grindhouse. Hot women in skimpy clothing, big guns and lots of explosions? This movie is definitely giving us lots of the things we like. [Cinematical]

Kanye West Arrested In England


Kanye West was reportedly arrested and released early this morning after an alleged incident involving a photographer outside a nightclub in England. West was arrested shortly after getting into an altercation with a paparazzo outside the Tup Tup club in Newcastle. [Spike]

Military Experiments with Blood Farm, Vampires Salivate

The U.S. military has contracted a technology development company called Arteriocyte for $1.95 million to create an automated “blood pharming” machine.  In theory, the machine would utilize a nanofiber-based structure that effectively “mimics bone marrow” to create an endless supply of universal donor red blood cells.  Ideally, the military wants the device to be “fieldable” which means our soldiers could be on the front line, take one in the arm, drop back for a recharge (like in Halo) and get right back to fightin’ the good fight. [CNET]

First Pics of Planets Orbiting Other Stars

It’s pretty much just a matter of time before The Visitors get here.  Fomalhaut, a star merely 25 light years away, has been discovered to have a small, bright dot moving around it.  Those are pretty fancy astronomical terms for “it’s got an orbiting planet.” The odds of it having alien life on it are as yet undetermined.  But the odds of there being aliens somewhere are pretty solid. [Gearlog]

Nissan’s Electric Car Plan: Batteries Not Included


If Nissan's current plans go forward, that little saying may come back to haunt you when Nissan's electric vehicle goes on sale sometime after 2010. Carlos Tavares, Nissan Motor Co.'s executive vice president for product planning and design, believes that in the not-so-distant future, we'll all be driving zero-emissions cars powered by electrons. When you make your way into the dealership to sign the paperwork, you'll be presented with two forms; one to purchase the car and one to lease the battery. Before we all get too upset about paying separately for our power packs, remember that filling up with gasoline will be a thing of the past as well -- in this particular vision of the future, at least -- so Tavares assures us that the overall cost to the consumer will actually be lower than it is today. [MotorAuthority]

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