Got Questions, Ask Darren

by MariShapiro   August 06, 2010 at 9:51AM  |  Views: 1,298

Who needs Dr. Phil, Miss Cleo, or Ashley Dupre (no, she's not just a prostitute) when you can ask Scrappers' own Dear Darren?

This Monday, Darren of Spike's newest reality series Scrappers will be answering YOUR questions. And since Darren is no one trick pony, there are no limits to your questions. Wondering which players you should draft for your fantasy football team this season? How about which of your old appliances can score you the most cash at a scrap yard? 

Whatever it is, Darren's got the answers for you. Submit your questions below as a comment, on the Spike Facebook page, or tweet them @Spike_TV.




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