Xbox 360 Laptop Takes Console Gaming on the Road

March 17, 2010

While we see great modifications of consoles old and new from time to time, most of them are built-to-order deals, so nobody ever gets a chance to actually own those hacked mutants, other than the oil tycoons who request their creation. The X-top is another story though, because this one can actually be yours.

Up for bids right now on eBay is this "X-top" Xbox 360 laptop, built by modder TheTwoJ. Starting as an Xbox 360 Elite, over 650 hours went into the creation, which comes complete with 12 months of Gold Live membership, a wireless 360 controller, Xbox Live headset, and custom power cord supply.

And with a starting price of under $2,000, this portable Xbox 360 has a pricetag that's something we can actually wrap our heads around.


Source: eBay