Top Ten Pros vs. Joes Moments of 2008

December 17, 2008

Pros vs. Joes, the show that gives regular Joes a chance to compete against professional sports legends, had an incredible third season this year. Pros were beaten by Joes, and Joes were beaten (physically) by Pros. Hit the jump for our ten favorite moments of the year!

10. The 100 Man Defense

This may be one of the best moments of the season just for the imagery. As if running a football from one end of the field to another against a team wasn't daunting enough, imagine a field with 100 men all looking to break you into tiny pieces. Nothing comes easy on Pros vs. Joes.[video][/video]

See this clip's full episode here.

9. Rocket Speed

If you don't know who Rocket Ismail is, all you need to know is that the man is fast. How fast? Take a look for yourself.[video][/video]

See this clip's full episode here.

8. Joe Trash Talk

All in all, this is some fairly standard trash talk. What makes this great, is the punishment this joker gets in the semi-finals. Turns out that Pros like to protect their own.[video][/video]

See this clip's full episode here. And check out the punishing semi-finals here.

7. Pro Trash Talk

See? This is how it's done. And this is just a taste of the insanity that is John Randle. The full episode serves as a clinic on trash talk and intimidation.[video][/video]

See this clip's full episode here.

6. Tough Angle Takedowns

If you can count on Kurt Angle for one thing, it's bravado. The TNA IMPACT star brings it in spades throughout the episode and dishes out some severe takedowns in the driving rain of Florida. The whole thing looks like a scene out of a Michael Bay movie.[video][/video]

See the clip's full episode here.

5. Joe Beats a Pro

It's rare, but it happens. Watch Kenny Anderson get topped by a Joe on the hardwood.[video][/video]

See the clip's full episode here.

4. Brutal Bob Sapp

He's a former football player, professional wrestler, and now spends his days as an MMA fighter, ruthlessly destroying all who oppose him. A prime example of said destructive power follows.[video][/video]

See the clip's full episode here.

3. Jessie Armstead Fights a Joe

Now here's a man who knows a little bit about respect and when you should show it. The Joe who cracks wise to Jessie here spends the rest of the episode getting trampled on and it's great viewing if you just need to sit down and count your blessings. Blessings like the fact you never pissed of Jessie Armstead.[video][/video]

See the clip's full episode here.

2. Arturo Gatti Beatdown

Why is this fight above Bob Sapp and the Jessie Armstead tussle? Sheer precision. This Joe has got height and weight on Gatti, but the man is just too fast and his sniper shots to the face send this Joe to the mat. Gatti is an artist.[video][/video]

See the clip's full episode here.

1. Davis is Goliath

This clip sums up the entirety of Pros vs. Joes. Gabe Canape has nothing short of a stunning performance outrebounding Antonio Davis. Despite the full one foot two inch difference in height, Canape holds his own against the Pro and went on to win the entire show. Look out Rudy, this guy has some heart.[video][/video]

See the clip's full episode here.