Boston Red Sox Fans Best in America, Says Noted Financial Paper with Limited Sports Insight

August 4, 2010

Ever wonder which franchise has the best fan base in professional sports? Well, no need to spend time enjoying a heated argument with your friends. has used a series of mathematic equations to take the guesswork (and fun) out of the argument. Because that's what sports are all about...Math!

The financial website based their fan rankings on three specific categories:

1. Home and Away Game Attendance
2. Merchandise Sales
3. In-Market Popularity 

Yes, guy who loves his team because of a lifelong dedication. Whether or not you are a good fan is highly dependant on “in-market popularity.”

Anyway, here’s the list of the top 16 fan bases. It essentially goes against everything I wrote in an article last year.

16. Chicago Blackhawks
15. Philadelphia Phillies
14. New York Yankees
13. Cleveland Cavaliers
12. Los Angeles Lakers
11. Montreal Canadiens
10. St. Louis Cardinals
9. Dallas Cowboys
8. San Antonio Spurs
7. Boston Celtics
6. Pittsburgh Penguins
5. New England Patriots
4. Indianapolis Colts
3. Detroit Red Wings
2. Pittsburgh Steelers
1. Boston Red Sox

Thoughts? Opinions? Unruly Yankees fans who resent being 13 places below the Red Sox?

Photo: Ron Veseley/Major League Baseball/Getty Images