Robert Downey Jr: From Drugs to Iron Man to Bunnies?

June 4, 2008


It's looking like Robert Downey, Jr. is going to get the opportunity to play his doppleganger in a new biopic about Hugh Hefner. The film, titled Playboy, could be directed by Brett Ratner, the mental giant behind all three Rush Hour movies and the third X-Men.

Nothing is set in stone, but Ratner stated that Downey expressed interest. Whether he takes the part is contingent on how much he likes the script.

Ratner claims he approached Downey about the project before his smash success with Iron Man, in the hopes that his recognition of Downey's talent will win him some points with the star. Maybe I'm mistaken, but didn't everyone think Downey was going to be great in the role? The only thing that sounded interesting to me about a movie where a guy flies around in metal tights was Downey. Ratner hasn't exactly discovered an up-and-comer here and, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, is no longer attached to the project..

Nonetheless. If anyone is suited to playing a hedonistic, womanizing man surrounded by a palace full of scantily clad women, it's Downey. He won't have to spend much time researching the role or doing Stanislavski excercises to build up sense memories. He's got 'em all at his fingertips.