Mantenna - Wednesday, October 22

October 22, 2008

Marissa Miller talks about what she does for fun, the first new single from Guns N' Roses in about 50 years, and which cars you should be looking at if you want maximum fuel's all after the jump in today's Mantenna!

Marissa Miller Keeps it Real

Victoria’s Secret honey Marisa Miller is on the cover of November’s issue of Complex magazine and she’s looking extremely hot and sounding like an awesome girl. The accompanying article says she likes to drink PBR and is totally cool – apparently her PR lady had to stop her from pelting hipsters with water balloons. She’s also into surfing, boxing and, sadly, has never had a pillow fight with the other Victoria’s Secret Angels. []

When The Economy Goes Down Something Else Goes Up

One side effect of the slowing economy is an increase in condom sales. Condom manufacturer Durex reports that prophylactics have “traditionally been strong at times of economic downturn and we are getting anecdotal evidence that the same can be said for today. When you think about it, It makes sense that when money is tight, people stay in and make their own fun rather than going out and spending money." Plus, unwanted kids are damn expensive. [Wall Street Fighter]

Guns N' Roses Officially Releases New Single


U.S. rock radio outlets around America started off their morning today by running the official new Guns N' Roses single, "Chinese Democracy." This is the first new GN’R music in over 9 years. The new track from GN'R's 17-years-in-the-making follow-up to 1991's Use Your Illusion albums was made available for download first thing this morning and radio stations all over the U.S. have been constantly rockin’ the album’s epic title track out to the masses. [IMEEM]

Black Hole Falls Into David Fincher’s Black Hole

The graphic novel by Charles Burns, Black Hole, had a script ready to go written by Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary, but then David Fincher came along. He is now slated to helm the feature, but wanted the writers to churn out at least ten drafts before he’d let them cry uncle. Neither of the writers were down for this. They left the last draft they’d written with Fincher, but it’s not looking good for fans that were hoping to see a movie of Black Hole any time soon. []

McCain Goes Hollywood

McCain can use all the help in this election he can possibly get. But what if he decided to hire a few A-list Hollywood directors to put together some campaign advertisements for him? Like, say, John Woo, Kevin Smith and Wes Anderson? Wonder what that would look like? Wonder no more. This video gives us a look at what McCain’s campaign would become if he got really desperate. After all, why shouldn’t movies and politics mix? [The Movie Blog]

20% of TVs will Go Dark


This coming February, the analog TV signals in the U.S. will be switching to digital signals.  For people with a digital receiver or digital converter, this will result in better picture quality.  But, for those old school rabbit ear folks, it’ll mean an upgrade, and an estimated 20% of Americans are predicted to say “Meh, screw it.” Gizmodo thinks (and we agree) that this is because of the confluence of alternative media viewing opportunities.  You can watch Netflix through your Xbox now.  You can watch most of your favorite network shows on the websites of said networks.  And, of course, you can download just about anything you want illegally if you were so inclined. [Gizmodo]

New EPA Fuel Economy Guide Reveals Ten Most Fuel Efficient Vehicles For 2009

The Environmental Protection Agency just released their 2009 EPA Fuel Economy Guide. Not surprisingly, the Toyota Prius once again tops the list with a combined 48 mpg city/45 mpg highway performance. Though hybrids take four of the top five spots, the Volkswagen Jetta/Jetta SportWagen Diesels cracked the top ten with a 30/41 mpg rating. Also showing up in the lineup for the first time is the new Chevy Cobalt XFE with a fuel economy rating of 25/37 mpg. []

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