Mantenna - Monday, April 20

April 20, 2009

Jessica Biel gets busy in her birthday suit, Pink Floyd sues their record label, and the 10 hottest cleavage commercials of all's the Mantenna!

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Did Slumdog Star's Father Try to Sell Her?

A British newspaper is claiming that the father of Rubina Ali, one of the child stars in the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire, offered to sell his daughter for nearly $300,000 to a family in the Middle East. Britain’s News of the World newspaper reported that Qureshi tried to sell his daughter to undercover reporters posing as a wealthy couple from Dubai. The paper says the man upped his asking price, telling the reporters that his daughter is worth more because she’s a “star.” Rafiq Qureshi has since been questioned by Mumbai police and is denying the allegation. [NY Daily News]

The 10 Hottest Cleavage Commercials of All Time

Advertisers have long been using the hypnotic powers of a pair of perky breasts to sell, sell, sell. A set of fantastic boobs can literally make you want to buy anything. If an Eskimo was offered ice by a big-bosomed beauty, he wouldn’t think twice about purchasing that ice. What man would? Boobs have been used to sell everything from chicken, beer, shampoo, and even Guitar Hero. Manly website Manofest has combed the internet and busted out its list of the 10 hottest cleavage commercials of all time. [Manofest]

Jessica Biel in Her Birthday Suit

Blue Powder, an upcoming little indie film starring Patrick Swayze and Jessica Biel, is going to be a very important movie if for only one reason: Biel gets naked in it. As a matter of fact, a few NSFW stills from the film of Biel in the buff have already hit the net. It was only a matter of time, but damn if she doesn’t look good. In the movie she plays a stripper, so there’s a high probability that she’ll spend a large percentage of her screen time lacking clothes. It’s nice to see that she’s turned the other (ass) cheek from her family-friendly roles. Biel is too hot to waste the rest of her life on the Disney channel. [The Movie Blog]

Company Files Patent for Baby Death Star

The company Solaren has filed a patent for a device that would orbit the Earth, collect energy from the Sun and other light-emitting celestial bodies, then focus that energy into a laser for shooting the Earth.  Why would they want to shoot the Earth with a baby Death Star?  Well, they’d do it to kill hurricanes, of course...or so they claim. [Wired]

17 Foods with the Most Calories Per Dollar


Source: Manolith

In these tough economic times, it’s important to have a plan for where your dollars go.  That goes for the dollars earmarked for your tummy, too.  If you’re looking to get the best deal when it comes to calories per dollar spent (and probably have a heart attack on the way), check out Manolith’s list of 17 foods with the most caloric bang for your buck. [Manolith]

Pink Floyd Sues Record Label

Pink Floyd is officially suing their record company over royalty payments. The legendary group has filed a lawsuit against EMI, claiming bosses have miscalculated royalties owed to them from their back catalogue. The band, who has been signed to the label since 1967, is seeking undisclosed damages. [Contact Music]

Morrissey Walks Off Stage in Anti-Meat Protest

Morrissey halted his performance at the Coachella music festival on Friday to protest against members of the audience who were eating meat. Morrissey, a devout vegetarian, was apparently disgusted by the smell of cooked meat swimming over the crowd. Halfway through his set, Morrissey told the audience that he could “smell burning flesh” and that he "hoped "o God it's human." A few minutes later the Smiths legend returned to the stage and re-started his performance, adding, "The smell of burning animals is making me sick. I just couldn't bear it." [Contact Music]

Speed Trap Operator Takes a Bullet

The operator of a radar-enforcement van was shot and killed Sunday evening while monitoring traffic in Phoenix, Arizona. Before police announced the arrest of a suspect, Redflex said it took its 40 radar vehicles out of service out of concern for the safety of its employees. Arizona's “groundbreaking” photo enforcement program is controversial, with state lawmakers considering legislation to eliminate the program when the contract expires in 2010. See, violence does solve everything! [Reuters]

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