Mantenna – Hayden Panettiere Breaks Up with Wladimir Klitschko

May 12, 2011
Hayden Panettiere breaks up with Wladimir Klitschko, The Situation’s dad starts a family feud, and Google offers up some laptops…the Mantenna is as cold as ice!

Hayden Panettiere Breaks Up with Wladimir Klitschko

Photo: Dario Cantatore/Getty Images

In some of the most uplifting news the Internet has to offer, Hayden Panettiere and boxing champ Wladimir Klitschko have officially called it quits on their two-year relationship. "Even though we've decided splitting up is best for both of us, we have an amazing amount of love and respect for each other and remain very close friends," Panettiere told People. Klitschko himself also went on to say that the two “had a great time together, but it's not that easy to manage a relationship between two continents." This does seem about right considering that Klitschko is 14 years older than Panettiere and over a foot taller. Talk about awkward. [People]

Google Offers Laptops

Google has entered the laptop business. On the second day of its annual Google I/O developer conference, the tech giant announced it’s launching a new notebook computer using the company’s Chrome OS operating system. Sundar Pichai, Senior Vice President of Chrome, believes the Chromebook represents a new model of computing, saying, “It offers an end-to-end computing experience. It's very different from a (Microsoft) Windows machine. The always-connected and always-on capability of it offers a totally different experience.” The new laptops are Internet focused and will run web-based apps and store files in a cloud instead of a hard drive. Because of this, the laptop only takes eight seconds to boot up. Samsung and Acer will both produce the device, which will range in price from $349 to $499. Google also announced it will lease the laptops, starting at a monthly fee of $28 for corporations and $20 for schools. The Chromebook hits stores June 15. [CNN]

The Situation’s Dad Starts a Feud

Photo: Donald Kravitz/Getty Images

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s father is not keeping it all in the family. The dad of the Jersey Shore star posted a video on his own website and ripped his son a new one for failing to support him and his family. Sorrentino’s estranged father Frank is crying poor and wants The Situation to help him out financially so he can afford health insurance. He says, “I ask you one f------ favor and you tell me to go f------ be like a regular f------ Joe Blow and go on welfare? No, my friend. I don't do that. I love my son, Mike. But you know what, Mike, when you get to the top and you forget where you came from, somebody should remind you. I just want to remind you." Ouch. The Situation is keeping mum about his father’s online rant and is “saddened” by his behavior. Sorrentino senior, meanwhile, is hoping the feud will launch his own reality television show and cash-filled empire. [The Confrontation Site]

Sebastian Bach Arrested for Weed Possession

According to reports, metal legend Sebastian Bach has been arrested for drug possession for the second time in under seven months. The former Skid Row frontman was pulled over by police for a minor traffic violation late yesterday in Monmouth County, New Jersey. After finding over 50 grams of marijuana in his automobile, Bach was taken into custody and eventually released pending a future court hearing. Bach was also arrested back in November for assault and possession of marijuana after a bar brawl in Ontario, Canada. Does this guy even know that the ‘80s are over? [TMZ]