Clemens Takes it in the Butt at Yankee Stadium

March 11, 2009

Our old pal Roger "Misremembered" Clemens is back in the news after long-time accuser Brian McNamee has even more info concerning the Rocket's juice abuse.

Source: Scott J. Ferrell/Congressional Quarterly/Getty Images

The storm clouds just won't stop chasing Roger Clemens and his alleged abuse of performance-enhancing drugs. His former personal trainer, Brian McNamee, is claiming that he shot the rocket up with the juice in the hot tub at Yankee Stadium. He also detailed a seedy get-together at the rocket's high-rise apartment in Manhattan where he says, "That day, he laid out the drugs, dropped his trousers, and I did what he asked..."

Of course, doing what he asked meant shooting a nice syringe full of HGH and steroids into his rump. McNamee goes on to say that he eventually ditched the needle in a light beer can to keep sanitary workers from getting stuck with Clemens' junk. Though, he changed his mind and decided to keep the needle instead, just in case would need to write about steroid abuse eight years later and would need substantiated proof.

Clemens is not at spring training for the first time in over two decades.