Terrell Owens Would Like to Date (and Probably Ruin) Halle Berry

May 14, 2010

Rather than practice football or apologize to America for his horrible reality show, Terrell Owens has decided to spend the NFL offseason trying to hook up with Halle Berry. (I wonder if she likes unemployed guys.)

The current free agent has publically expressed how much he’d enjoy Berry’s companionship and what an attractive couple the two would make.

In a completely “non-creepy” way, Owens even took a picture of Berry he cut out of a magazine and held it up to his face in order to show everyone how great they would look together.

Seriously, what else can this guy do to show everyone how committed he is to football? Will somebody sign (and let him destroy) their locker room already?

Photo: Steve Granitz/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images