Mantenna - Tuesday, August 31

August 31, 2010

Paris Hilton is too busy to do cocaine, Slash files for divorce, and LeBron James' so-called father tries to make a quick buck...the Mantenna is on a highway to the danger zone!

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Paris Hilton "Too Busy to Do Coke"

Paris Hilton’s hairdresser has come out in defense of the embattled celebutante, saying Hilton would never do drugs because she’s too busy. Michale Boychuck, Hilton’s hair stylist of 18 years, says Hilton “wants everyone to know she does not do drugs and does not have time for that.” In all the time he’s known her, Boychuck says he has never seen the reality television star use drugs (probably because it’s a bad idea to do blow around hair dryers). Mr. Boyhuck has apparently been in contact with Hilton since her arrest and says she swears she’s innocent. He told RadarOnline, “She told me the cocaine they found did not belong to her. She expressed to me that her career is very important and she would never do drugs or anything else for that matter to destroy what she's worked so hard for.” Remind us, what exactly has she’s worked so hard at, apart from being a famous party girl? [Radar Online]

Bulgarian Man Wants Sex Change to Look Like Lady Gaga

A Bulgarian reality television star and wannabe singer is planning on having a sex change operation so he can become Lady Gaga. Penio Daskalov, a 24-year-old Bulgarian Big Brother contestant has always thought of himself as a woman trapped in a man’s body. He plans to undergo cosmetic surgery to look like Lady Gaga. He also hopes his new look and gender will help jump start his music career. Daskalov says, “I really admire the way she has created herself, so when I've had my operations, I won't be quite a man or quite a woman. I've already contacted her management and told them what I am doing and how I'd like to record a duet with her.” Does he really need a sex change operation to look like Lady Gaga? [Huffington Post]

Slash Files for Divorce in Los Angeles

Photo: David Klein/Getty Images

Court records show that legendary GNR guitarist Slash has filed for divorce Monday from his wife of nearly nine years. The filing states Slash, also known as Saul Hudson, and his wife Perla separated in July, citing irreconcilable differences for the breakup. They have two sons together and Slash is seeking joint custody of the children. Wait, so Slash was actually married to someone? [TMZ]

Maybe You Shouldn't Have Abandoned Your Son

Turns out, running away from your fatherly duties can have negative consequences. You know, if that son turns out to be an NBA superstar. According to CNN "Leicester Stovell alleges the NBA all-star [LeBron James] and his family have been involved in a cover-up to deny paternity, by committing fraud and misrepresentation." He alleges that after he returned to his son's life - coincidentally when he became a millionaire - James wanted nothing to do with him. It's almost like being a deadbeat Dad doesn't entitle him to any rights. [CNN]

Heisman Candidate May Need to Pad Stats in Other Cupcake Game

Mark Ingram, the 2009 Heisman winner, will miss the Alabama Crimson Tide's first game due to a knee injury. “Mark will definitely be out for this week’s game against San Jose State and we will manage this on a week to week basis beyond this week. We will make every decision in the future based on what’s best for Mark and his career as we consult with Dr. Cain and Dr. Andrews on his progress," a school official said. Well, that should lower the spread to 26 points in the San Jose State game. [The Big Lead]

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