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Taking Requests

by Robbie E   November 27, 2013 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 2,510

Hey, what's up, bro ? I'm back this week with another BroMan blog! Boom! With the #IMPACT365 craze going on, Jessie and I have gotten a lot of requests for videos that you, the fans want us to showcase, bro. You guys have had some pretty cool ideas. And some creeped us the hell out. Here are some that stick out the most.

5 - Horseback riding - I know Jessie and I get crazy and have partied with horses. But, bro. We party with horses, we don't ride them. Boom!

4 - Bicep Day - Our biceps are perfect, obviously. So fans have requested we show our bicep workouts, bro. Nice try. Those are secrets bro. If we told you, we would have to kill you.

3 - Ice Cream - Really? You weirdos wanna watch me and Jessie eat ice cream with rainbow sprinkles? That doesn't even make sense. And that request came from a "Mr. J Park, Chicago IL", which just makes it even weirder, bro.

2 - Grow a Beard - A fan requested that I keep footage of myself and Jessie growing beards. We definitely do not wanna look like hamsters. I'm pretty sure Eric Young sent that request in, and that's not funny, bro. As long as me and Jessie are together, you will never see us with beards, bro.

1 - Make out with a fat chick - I don't do fat chicks bro. No matter what you hear, Robbie E and Jessie are only into hot, fit women, bro. When we hit the gym with our matching "No Fat Chicks" muscle shirts, everyone knows what's up.

Until next week. Oh! This was my list bro.

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