everyone is a critic

June 17, 2009

ok, we all have opinions on the way the show determined the winner of each battle on deadliest warrior, but nevertheless, this show was very entertaining.  no, of course their system of determining winners wasn't perfect, but how perfect could it have been?  the show sure did promote sluthering studios, but  how their program analyzed and implemented the data is unknown.  i believe the system should be set-up like a one-on-one video game deathmatch:  first, identify measurable statistics that pertain to a deathmatch, such as size, strength, agility, training & discipline, brutality, armor, etc.  then give each warrior a rating (1-10, 1-100?) on these categories.  these ratings should then affect the REAL damage that each warrior inflicts on the other.  THEN, AND ONLY THEN, should the other data gathered on the show, specifically the lethality of particular weapons, be considered.  hey, spike tv, i am available for immediate employment as creative consultant lol. get in touch ok?