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The Nine Everyday Jobs That Attract the Hottest Women

by davidbreitman   June 09, 2010 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 37,413


4. Wedding Photographer

Photo: Photodisc/Getty Images

No single woman wants to watch her friend get married without taking home some sort of middle-aged consolation prize she met between the best man toast and "Hava Nagila."

Since most women don’t want to gain a reputation for sleeping with the groom’s best friend (who’s probably engaged) they tend to settle for a man who has no actual association with the party. Enter the photographer.

He has easy access to every inch of the reception and even gets to do some early bridesmaid scouting during the pre-wedding photo shoot. Wedding photographers get to use the phrase “artistic expression” while sporting a rented tuxedo, and have the ability to attract both women who appreciate creative vagabonds and gainfully employed adults. It’s a real double threat.

3. Plastic Surgeon

Photo: Taxi/Getty Images

There’s nothing that shallow women love more than a wealthy doctor with easy access to painkillers who isn’t concerned with things like “inner beauty” or credit card debt. As the rock stars of the medical community, plastic surgeons routinely deal with females who are looking for sexual validation and try to achieve it through potentially dangerous breast augmentation and promiscuous sex with people who don’t understand the pitfalls of alimony or gonorrhea.

A plastic surgeon’s Rolodex is a catalogue of nearly-nude before-and-after pictures without the Hydroxycut advertisement covering up the nipples. If you have drive, determination, and an unused medical degree this is an excellent vocation to pursue.

2. Bartender

Photo: Photodisc/Getty Images

Is there any other job on the planet where a 34-year-old community college sophomore who depends on his mother for rides home can become the single most enviable person in a room full of doctors, lawyers, and highly-decorated grade school bus drivers? Bartenders control the flow of alcohol every time they put on their management-approved aprons and begin deciding which attractive women they’re going to provide with free drinks.

They are the only men in an exclusive nightlife setting who interact with nearly every (drunken) woman in the room looking to prove that poor lighting and slight weight gain aren't deal closers for alcoholic men.


1. Personal Trainer

Photo: Stockbyte/Getty Images

Every time a young woman breaks up with her boyfriend and begins staring down the barrel of cat ownership and Russian Community Center speed dating, the first call she makes is often to her personal trainer. Sometimes, it’s to work off the freshly baked calories she packed on during the “you’re better off without him” buffet her girlfriends hosted. More often than not, though, it’s because she is desperate to prove her self-worth with a virile gentleman who is financially obligated to spend 75 minutes with her three days a week after work.

Granted, there’s more to being a personal trainer than fielding late night “does my ass look fat?” phone calls from divorcees who tape inspirational Sex in the City quotes to the inside of their YMCA lockers, but generally speaking, ensuring the physical satisfaction of their clients is the most important aspect of being a professional workout buddy.


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