Batman 3 to be Shot Entirely in IMAX?

August 27, 2009

A rumor is circulating the web that director Christopher Nolan might shoot all of Batman 3 on IMAX after the success of his use of the technology in The Dark Knight. If true, that would make the third film truly larger than life, and just about every Batman fan very happy. So is this going to happen or is it just another internet rumor?

Ain't It Cool posted the story yesterday claiming valid sources, though those sources weren't revealed. There are many reasons why Nolan wouldn't want to shoot the third Batman film entirely in IMAX. The cameras are enormous and so noisy that dialogue recording with them in the room is impossible, the film stock is very expensive, and very few of the cameras even exist. That being said, Ain't It Cool reports that it still might be in the works:

The THIRD chapter of Christopher Nolan's Caped Crusader's saga could very well be FULLY shot in IMAX, not IMAX Digital - but the beautiful, stunning IMAX that we saw pieces of The Dark Knight in. Part of the reason that Nolan went forward with Inception first - besides taking a creative break from the cape and cowl adventures...was possibly to create a few new IMAX cameras made to his specs.

If true, this would make the next Batman movie potentially even more exciting than the last. Anyone who saw The Dark Knight knows that the scenes shot in IMAX looked incredible. Even more impressive is the fact that these scenes looked amazing on HD televisions as well.

The idea that Nolan would go so far as to have IMAX cameras built to spec for this film is very interesting. What are the chances he tested them out during the filming of Inception? One way or another it's looking like we're going to have plenty to look forward to for the next Batman movie. IMAX would just be the icing on the cake.

Source: Kevin Winter/Getty Images