Fuzzytek Photography

February 9, 2011

Fuzzytek is a psydonym Stephen Boyle began using around 1998. At that time photography wasn't an activity that I was known for. My skills were in the realm of computing technology and covered a broad spectrum from mainframes to microcomputers, having worked in corporate settings for 20 years. Probably best defined as a systems integrator, I found people asking what did I do and the answer would shift as new jobs were in focus.

The corporate side of life took a turn in 2004 when I was terminated from a job that I was asking for assistance in being placed into a role that would fit my skills better. I suppose that is right-sizing as my skills had become too diverse.

Rather than jump back into computing, I thought about what creative aspects to life I could bring into my working life. Photography is about the closest thing to creating artwork in the moment. I dived into the experience and learning. Areas of focus consistently kept people as my focus - fashion to light fetish projects were the realm I feel best suited.

There is a definite advantage to having the underlying knowledge of technology as a tool for promoting and navigating the current of freelance work.