Rugby Players Take Giant Step Back For Feminism, Attractive Step Forward for Lady Sports

December 6, 2010

Various members of a New Zealand university rugby team stripped off their gently-used training bras, covered themselves in mud, and put out a partially-nude calendar that now rivals the “Hottest Wives of the PBA” 1978 Christmas special. It was a banner day for lady athletes who want to be taken seriously and appreciate car mechanics who hang up their photos because of the athleticism and inner-beauty tastefully shown.

Team representative (and Miss March) Bekki Abernethy said that the squad did it to show off the “softer side” of female rugby and help bring people to their games.

"I'm blonde, I'm not exactly a big rugby player. I'm a girl doing her thing, we're all normal girls, that's what we were trying to portray.”

Quite frankly, if “normal girls” in New Zealand are all attractive blondes who consider naked mud-wrestling a wholesome marketing campaign, perhaps it’s time to consider a trans-continental move. Or at least a new calendar for the chauvinism shack in my backyard.

Photo: Stuff NZ