LIVE VIDEO: Tracy Shedd - Bad Moon Rising

December 5, 2009

Tracy Shedd was recently asked to play 92.9FM The Mountain's CD Release Party for their latest 'Studio C' release.  The party was held in Tucson, AZ, at an outdoor mall call 'La Encantada' in the Foothills area of Tucson, and Parachute was the headlining act.  Most of the songs Tracy Shedd performed were from her upcoming release called EP88, coming out on Eskimo Kiss Records in 2010.  However, the first song she opened with was called 'Bad Moon Rising', and was actually written after the studio sessions for EP88 were complete.  It is a very new song and won't be released until whatever follows EP88!  The song's title 'Bad Moon Rising' was actually a tribute to one of her favorite band, Sonic Youth, as it is the title to one of their records.  It was not named after the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic 'Bad Moon Rising.'  Tracy Shedd's friend, Stephen Budd (another musician currently living in Tucson, AZ) actually filmed the performance of her newest song 'Bad Moon Rising' on his cell phone.  The audio quality actually came out pretty good!  Enjoy this sneak peak into what we can expect from Tracy Shedd in the near future!