ARVN vs. Mujihadeen

December 30, 2010

Beginning assessment: The ARVN south vietnams soldiers who would stop at nothing to destroy the growing communism in vietnam vs. the mujahideen afghanistan's freedom fighters who fought out the russians in the soviet invasion of afghanistan, who is deadliest?

ARVN soldier pictured left.

The ARVN were the anti NVA and VC basicly. They were vietnamese soldiers but rather than fighting against the americans and for communism they fought against the NVA and VC for democracy. They were originally supplied with the m1 garand rifle. However the NVA began getting the ak-47 which overpowered them. At their request they attained the m16a1 a green beret once said "you give a ARVN soldier a m16 and he becomes a tiger". Altough despite their incredible spirit they were defeated by their communist enemies.

Short range: M6 bayonet

Mid range: M16a1

Long Range: Springfield m1903

Explosive: M79 grenade launcher


Mujahideen soldiers pictured left

The pre-taliban freedom fighters. However before they fought against the US we supported them ironically. You see here they have the images of the taliban's current weaponary like the RPG and AK-47. The USA provided these because they were perfect guerilla weapons. With the united states help, unlike the ARVN they pushed out the soviet union.

Short Range: Type 56 bayonet

Mid Range: AK-47 (type 56)

Long Range: Lee-enfield

Explosive: RPG 69

So let's see what happens when two groups both with american funding go up against each other?


M6 Bayonet: The ARVN had their own bayonet made specifically for the m16. The m6 bayonet. Their's not much else to say so here's the pic.                                         

Type 56 bayonet: Like the ARVN the mujahideen had their own bayonet only for the ak-47.

  • Edge: You can see the ak47 bayonet is longer. Which is great for stabbing and blocking at cqc although the m16a1 is lighter so the m16 bayonet is more maneuverable. Although these weapons can be used without being attached to the weapon. The ak47 bayonet gets the edge for being more effective at stabbing and blocking.
    M16a1: The world famous light, fast shooting rifle that jams like hell. It weighs roughly 8 pounds. It shoots 5.56 NATO rounds at up 950 rounds a minute. It's extremely accurate although it easily jams, it also fires up to 550 meters at great accuracy.
    Here's a picture notice the barrel length.
    AK47 (Type 56): The other world famous insanely durable high fire power russian assault rifle. It only shoots up to 600 rounds a minute, it fires 7.62 rounds which are notably more effective in penetration and lethality than 5.56 rounds. It only fires up to 400 meters however. It also weighs 12 pounds.
    Edge: These are the wrolds two most famous assault rifles. The m16 is slightly lighter, shoots  faster, has better range and better accuracy. But it is is alot more likely to jam. The ak-47 fires bigger rounds adding to penetration and is much more durable. For those of you who want to see both shooting here's a video, you'll see a difference in penetration and accuracy for both. Make sure you watch the whole video. Anyways, this is a draw.
    Springfield m1903: Before the ARVN got the new american m21 they had another weapon. The springfield m1903 sniper rifle. It fires .30 rounds with a 5 round clip and fires up to 500 meters point blank.
    Lee-enfield: Some of these rifles were about 90 years old that were found in afghanistan. Before the mujahideen had the dragunov they had this. It fires up to only 500 meters it also fires .303 rounds, roughly the same ammo as the springfield.


    Edge: Both of these rifles are extremely similar. So similar it's a draw.
    M79 Launcher: The mujihadeen bring an american launcher. The m79 grenade launcher, it fires 40x46 mm grenades with an effective range of 350 meters. It's an interesting launcher, resemblinga a large sawed off shotgun.

    Type 69 RPG (Chinese RPG-7): We've seen this weapon on deadliest warrior before. It fires up to 100 meters effortlessly and up to 900 meters if your trained with it. Not all mujihadeen were well trained necessarily. Although I'm sure they learned how to use it (they figured out the stinger which doesn't even have a trigger).

    Edge: The RPG has much greater range although it weighs 7 pounds more than the M79. The RPG also fires 80mm warheads which have a very big explosion. The RPG-7 gets the edge for greater range and explosion.

    The battle isn't supposed to be high quality.

    4 Mujahadine walk into a vietnamese town. Their's small huts everywhere. They keep walking forward when a gunshot roars. A .30 caliber bullet hits a mujihadeen soldier in the head. Mujihadeen=3 ARVN=4

    The Mujiahadeen look in the direction of the gunshot. Inside a hut are 4 ARVN soldiers. Immediately a mujihadeen soldier raises an RPG. The 4 ARVN soldiers run run out but one doesn't make it out of the hut. He is killed in the explosion. Mujihadeen=3 ARVN=3

    A mujihadeen soldier raises his ak47 and fires at the ARVN soldiers. He hits one in the chest killing him. The other ARVN soldiers run behind a hut. One grabs a m79 and fires at the mujihadeen soldiers who are charging. He kills only one. Mujihadeen=2 ARVN=2

    The Mujihadeen continue charging. An ARVN soldier pops out and sprays with his m16 hitting one of the soldiers in the chest multiple times. The remaining mujihadeen soldier runs behind another hut. The ARVN soldiers seeing a chance charge. The mujihadeen soldier grabs an enfield and fires, hitting one of them in the chest. Mujihadeen=1 ARVN=1

    The Remaining ARVN soldier charges and draws his bayonet (detached from weapon). The Mujihadeen soldier grabs his bayonet and charges. The ARVN soldier swings but the Mujiahdeen soldier ducks and stabs. His blade goes into the heart of the ARVN soldier, killing him.

    Winner Mujiadeen: 516
    Type 56 bayonet: 7
    AK-47: 251
    Lee-enfield: 94
    Type 69 RPG: 164
    ARVN: 484
    M6 Bayonet: 11
    M16: 288
    Springfield: 107
    M79 launcher: 78
    Ending Assessment: This was an extremely close matchup. The  ARVN's punishingly accurate m16 got the ARVN many kills. However it's jamming problem stopped it from it's full potential. However the Mujihadeen had the type 69 RPG. Which got many kills as well. It was the Mujiahadeen's brutal weapons that brought them to the top.