Top Shelf Tuesday - December 9

December 9, 2008

Tuesday's here, and you know what that's time to head to the store (or your favorite online merchant) to pick up the latest hot releases. No doubt you're already jonesing to pick up The Dark Knight, but what else is flying off the shelves this week? Luckily, we're here to help you navigate the choices with Top Shelf Tuesday.


Been waiting for your chance to own The Dark Knight? Then today’s your lucky day. Dark Knight hits the shelves in three different versions: a single-disc DVD, a 2-disc Special Edition DVD and, or course, the much vaunted Blu-ray two-disc edition. Both the 2-disc Special Edition DVD set and the Blu-ray edition include Gotham Uncovered, which lets you get a look at how director Christopher Nolan created the Bat-suit and Bat-pod. These editions also include a digital copy of the film. The Blu-ray edition includes the BD-Live feature, for those of you who with internet connected Blu-ray players to interact with Dark Knight content online, as well as access other cool stuff from the movie online. Haven’t figured out what to get your brother for Christmas? Well, now you know.

HBO’s The Wire is over, but that doesn’t mean lovers of the acclaimed show should despair. Not when a whopping 23-disc boxed set of the complete series is here. Time to go back and rewatch every one of your favorite episodes or, even better, give an awesome (if awesomely expensive: retail is going for around $200) gift to a fan of good TV. Audio commentary from the cast and crew, 3 prequel featurettes that delve into life before The Wire, and a gag reel will keep fans and newbies of the show alike busy for the next five Christmases.



French electronic duo Justice have released A Cross The Universe, their first live CD/DVD that includes recordings of the group’s signature headbanging live sets along with show footage and various wacky hijinks captured as the band toured the U.S. in March 2008. The live portion of the DVD was recorded in San Francisco, California at the Concourse Design Center, and the trailer for this DVD definitely proves that rock star egos are alive and well in France.

The Bon Scott Years DVD tells the story of AC/DC’s first era when legendary Bon Scott fronted the group. With the help of rare band footage, exclusive interviews, contributions from those who knew Bon Scott personally, and seldom seen photographs, this new DVD seems to be one of the finest films made to date on this chapter of AC/DC’s history. Extras include a digital discography and an interactive AC/DC gaming feature. This is a no-brainer for diehards and a great introduction for newcomers to the legendary boys from Australia.



In Sonic Unleashed, the newest title in the long-running, hedgehog-based adventure/racing game, Sonic becomes a werewolf!  Or, more accurately, a werehog.  The idea is that during the daytime levels, Sonic speeds through his 3D adventureverse collecting rings and battling forevermore against the Eggman (just like always).  But, when the night falls and the moon shines clear in the sky, Sonic sloughs off his sleek, speed-based persona, and becomes a brawling werehog.  These night levels are more about punching than running and bring a nice, violent balance to a classic title.

C.O.R.E. is a 3D first person shooter that shies away from the brain-building, cutesy titles that most people think of when they think of the Nintendo DS.  Game developers No Way Studios set up with the goal of pushing the envelope of the DS’ computing capabilities in order to make a “classic” first person shooter.  From the gameplay footage, it looks a step or two above Doom 64.  Not bad for the DS.