So This is Why Men Go Into Fashion

June 4, 2008


I always thought guys who went into fashion just liked making pretty things and looking pretty.  However, after looking at these totally explicit and ridiculously sexy photographs by Terry Richardson for Tom Ford’s new summer range I think I’m totally wrong. Guys go into fashion to get girls. If they don’t, they totally should.Here is my thinking. I believe most guys are motivated in life and in general if an activity, a job or anything involves a girl, or at least increases your chances of getting a girl (or at the very worst talking to one). This reason alone is why I wanted to work in the entertainment industry.

Now I’m thinking I made a terrible mistake. It seems if I really wanted to get girls I should have done what Tom Ford did and gone into fashion and designed clothes. That way I could hang out with a bunch of models that are practically always naked, are cheap dates (because they don’t eat) and love, love, love you – mainly because you make them look good. If you can make a girl look good, you’re in. It’s a no brainer.

So enjoy these censored photos from Tom Ford and remember it’s never too late for a career change.


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