The Next Celebrity Asked Out by a Marine is...Betty White?!?

July 19, 2011

Mila Kunis' acceptance of a U.S. marine's invitation to his barracks' ball was a warm reminder that everyone can do something to help make the troops feel just a tiny bit more appreciated for their service. Even Betty White can show the troops a good time (try not to think about that last sentence for too long).

Another U.S. marine, this time Sgt. Ray Lewis who has served tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq, took to YouTube to issue an invitation to the 89-year-old actress and star of the sitcom "Hot in Cleveland" to attend the annual ball as his date. His video featured an elaborate resume of his physical abilities and heartfelt sentiments about the "Golden Girl."

"She's sweet, she's mature, she's the all around perfect woman," Lewis said in his YouTube video.

White issued a statement that she was flattered to receive such a request from a "man in uniform," but unfortunately, she had to decline the request due to her busy filming schedule.

Photo: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images