Season 2 Promo!

February 12, 2011

Alright DW fans, Season 2 is just around the corner, so I wanted to go ahead and show you guys what you have to look forward to:

In the Ancient Division:

Maori vs. Gladiator (Redemption Match!)

Viking vs. Mongol

Musketeer vs. Apache

Sun Tzu vs. Shaka Zulu (Redemption Match!)

Alexander The Great vs. William Wallace

Zande Warrior vs. Samurai (Redemption Match!)

Vlad The Impaler vs. Ninja

Celt vs. Aztec Jaguar (1-Sided  Redemption Match!)

Shaolin Monk vs. Comanche (1-Sided Redemption Match!)

Attila The Hun vs. Spartan (Redemption Match!)

Ming Warrior vs. Persian Immortal (Redemption Match!)

Rajput vs. Pirate

In the Modern Division:

Al Capone vs. The Taliban (Redemption Match!)

Yakuza vs. Viet Cong (Redemption Match!)

Jesse James Gang vs. SWAT

Mafia vs. Nazi SS (1-Sided Redemption Match!)

Navy Seals vs. Somali Pirates

KGB vs. GSG-9 (Redemption Match!)

Green Berets vs. Israeli Commandos (Redemption Match!)

CIA vs. Spetsnaz

All of this EXTREME Action will be coming to you soon. So get ready DW fans, to find the answer to the Great Question:               

                                              WHO IS DEADLIEST!!

And now, just because I enjoyed writing it for the Knight vs. Centurion fight……..

Geoff: Alright guys, season two is going to start soon, are our guys ready to fight?

Dr. Dorian: They will be in a minute….. Max, are the coordinates set?

Max: Yes, I just finished.

Dr. Dorian: Good, then…… release the Devices!!!

(And so, all through space and time did Dr. Dorian have Max release the mighty Black Lantern Rings. Traveling alone, or in groups of five, they searched and searched for their quarry. And low did every ring find their target, no matter where or when the happened to be.)


Whether it was a savanna hillside:

 "Shaka Zulu of DW universe, sector 121610

The ruins of a once glorious hotel:

Yakuza of DW universe, sector 121810

Al Capone of DW universe, sector 91910

A grassy meadow:

Maori of DW universe, sector 121810

The jungles of Vietnam:

Viet Cong of DW universe, sector 81310

A woodland thicket:

Gladiator of DW universe, sector 81710

A Civil War history museum:

Somali Pirates of DW universe, sector 81810

A sandy beach:

Samurai of DW universe, sector 81910

A warehouse on the edge of town:

Mafia of DW universe, sector 112310

The middle of some generic forest:

Aztec Jaguar of DW universe, sector 82110

Sun Tzu of DW universe, sector 10810

Spartan of DW universe, sector 112410

Zande Warrior of DW universe, sector 111410

A rocky mountainside:

Ming Warrior of DW universe, sector 112010

The throne room of a evil madman:

Attila the Hun of DW universe, sector 103110

The destroyed streets of war torn Germany:

Taliban of DW universe, sector 11410

A piece of flatland:

Comanche of DW universe, sector 112110

A government morgue:

KGB of DW universe, sector 111910

GSG-9 of DW universe, sector 112510

Green Beret of DW universe, sector 121210

Or even a simple Shaolin Monastery:

Persian Immortal of DW universe, sector 122010



(Back at HQ)

Dr. Dorian: And…… stop!

Max flips the switch, turning all of the revived warriors back to normal. The only warriors unaffected by the rings were the warriors of the Back For Blood Specials, who had already taken their turn in the second round.

Geoff: And just like that, Season two can get ready to start, soon we'll all know: WHO!

Dr. Dorian: IS!

Max: Deadliest!

And we hope you're ready DW fans, and that you'll join us for all the fun. Until Next TIme……